University Feeding and Housing

Goal: Encourage the education of girls

Partner: Hope In Crops

The Kenyan government has focused on building universities in rural areas to curb migration into the cities. However, since access to food and safe housing is scarce, this poses a significant challenge to students – especially females who are often the target of harassment and abuse while walking long distances to and from home. C4K is working to establish a sustainable, mobile feeding solution that serves clean, healthy foods to university students. With a central modified food truck as a cooking and storage platform, our system will use mobile technology to connect students to the trucks and motorcycle drivers who will deliver food to them on campus. C4K is also testing a safe housing program that will be constructed near campus. This “instant dorm” is piloted leveraging the success of an eco-village model in Haiti. By vastly reducing safety concerns of students and their families, we encourage girls and boys alike to pursue their dreams of higher education.