Tire Gardens

Goals: Affordable and sustainable family food source, Individual economic empowerment

Partner: Papaye Peasant Movement (MPP)

Tire gardens are an economically feasible solution to hunger. Families can plant and harvest a variety of crops in homemade, backyard gardens and grow enough to feed themselves year round. Any surpluses can be sold or bartered. For families in rural settings, tire gardens provide protection against drought with their water retention qualities. For urban families, tire gardens leave a minimal footprint meaning that large amounts of food can be grown in limited space. The benefits of these tired gardens are bountiful. As such, C4K is implementing a large-scale expansion of the existing practice by providing access to tires, soil, and an initial supply of seeds. C4K designs a “training of trainers” program to equip local and regional gardening experts with the means necessary to introduce the practice to individual families. Permeating through urban and rural communities, this widespread program is an incredibly effective, sustainable solution that empowers families to solve their own food needs.