Post-Harvest Mango Processing

Goal: Rural economic empowerment, sustainable food source

Partner: Papaye Peasant Movement (MPP), Kansas State University

Mango trees grow naturally across the country of Haiti. With one intense fruit-bearing season, these trees create a “feast or famine” harvest where approximately 60% of all Haitian mangos are lost. C4K has created a 3-part solution to capitalize on the delicious and valuable fruit. We activate individuals and small crop farmers to collect mangos that fall on their property for a fair, collection fee. A network of motorcycle drivers, operating on mobile phone technology, collect mangos and deliver them to regional collection facilities. These facilities sort, clean, and pulp mangos for post-harvest production. Packaged in commercially viable frozen pouches, Haitian mangos will be introduced to the international trade markets. This cultivates a lucrative industry that maximizes Haiti’s lush mango environment.