Partnered Agriculture

Goal: Rural economic empowerment, international trade relationships

Partners: Soylent, Papaye Peasant Movement (MPP), Kansas State University

Small crop farmers throughout the world are often organized into local cooperatives. While helpful for sharing practices and generating local sales, these co-ops are often isolated from global markets. These farmers miss the large economic benefits of international trade. C4K connects Haitian coops capable of supplying gold standard ingredients to large-scale customers by increasing accessibility, removing barriers, and offering desirable product lines. Soylent, an innovative meal replacement beverage company, is piloting an effort to source key ingredients in Haiti to be sold to existing suppliers then integrated into their production process. Kansas State University and MPP are developing algae farms, soybeans, and other crops using the newest technology and best processing practices available. We designed this model to be leveraged and expanded across the globe.