Goat and Chicken Livestock Farms

Goals: Rural economic empowerment, Sustainable food supply, Increased food hygiene

Partners: Papaye Peasant Movement (MPP), Kansas State University, Standard Meat Company

In the central plateau of rural Haiti, farmers provide local meat through small chicken and goat farms. Working with the longstanding peasant collaborative MPP, this project works to transform these farms into organic, self-sustaining businesses, featuring animals that are raised humanely and processed using globally accepted practices. In addition, new packaging and an uncompromising cold chain will help expand the market to profitably sell meat across all of Haiti. Ultimately, the improved efficiency and added systems training of this program can transform the nation’s meat industry. What was once a sporadic supply of a poor quality product now has the ability to become a dependably produced, gold-standard food source that is affordable, consistently available and safe to eat.