Cocoa Cooperative

Goal: Sustainable living for women farmers

Partner: World Trade Center San Pedro Sula

The earliest historical evidence of cocoa cultivation dates back to the Olmec Indians of Central America in the region presently known as Honduras. In 1998, Hurricane Mitch devastated the area and destroyed all crops. For an industry that once produced 10 million metric tons of cocoa, it’s been reduced to a mere 1 million metric tons today. In partnership with the World Trade Center San Pedro Sula, C4K is working to rebuild this industry. We empower a cooperative of over 300 women farmers to harvest cocoa beans in the most sustainable, efficient manner. Each woman receives specialized systems training as well as transformation workshops. Through C4K these female farmers will also gain access to international markets, utilizing our connections with trade associations, manufacturers, and large-scale customers. It is through these efforts that C4K recreates a sustainable, profitable supply of commercially processed Honduran cocoa while also providing farmers with the skills and income necessary to bring success to their families.